Rainsoft EC-5 and TC

Systems to remove from water the minerals that stain toilets, piston valves, faucets, tiles, sink, glass, kitchen tops, fridge, floor and car.

Water softeners are a mechanical and electronic equipment that filters out all water, which passes from the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority to your home or business.

RainSOFT water softeners are designed and manufactured to remove all mineral, calcium and magnesium salt content, which is embedded, in the pipes, before these minerals in the water completely plug them in. They are self-cleaning re-ionizers so they can continue the process of cleaning the water, by re-ionizing the resin, which traps the minerals of the water.

Save money with a RAINSOFT® water softener

  • Keep at home your own water filtration plant for the house, and save on buying detergents such as: shampoo, hair conditioners, dishwashing soap, skin creams, skin medicines or hair and have your bathrooms and kitchen always clean with less effort.
  • Save up to 75% of the cost of detergents you buy for your home.
  • If the pipes of your house are clogged, this way you will have to spend between $8,000 to $12,000 depending on the size of your home, plus all the inconveniences of breaking cement, floors and walls. Enjoy total cleaning, with a Rainsoft Water Softener. It is 70% less work in cleaning bathrooms, clothes and kitchen with water softeners and re-ionizer Rainsoft.
  • The only water softener system in Puerto Rico, designed for 20 years of service with 5 years warranty, with Universal Solar Products, Inc.

Protect your skin with a water softener.
You won’t have to spend on medicated creams for your skin. Rainsoft softened water, helps you improve the health of your skin, even helping cure skin problems, as has been the case with our customers.

Rainsoft’s re-ionized and softened water prevents dry skin, which is produced by minerals and contaminants in the water that is supplemented to us by the Aqueduct and Sewerage Authority in Puerto Rico.

  • The Rainsoft softening and re-ionizer filter is automatic and programmable, to condition hard water, with maximum corrosion resistance. It uses resins for ion exchange, of the highest quality to ensure efficient exchange ions.
  • The Rainsoft water softener contains a special resin, which is the one that traps calcium and magnesium from the water and it re-ionizes or self-cleans when the computerized system detects that it must be re-ionized or cleaned up. This whole process happens automatically with the Rainsoft re-ionizer and water softener.
  • It has the capacity to remove up to 36,000 grains of water hardness. It contains a special resin, which eliminates 100% of the hardness of water, such as calcium and magnesium, which dry the skin and damage all the products, plus the pipes of the houses, businesses or apartments.

Rainsoft EC-4 Water Softener
The highest efficiency in mineral removal and water cleaning with the best existing warranty in all of Puerto Rico and USA.

  • Rainsoft EC-4® is a Type 3 water softener, which is the most aggressive and efficient type of softener for serious hard water problems with many minerals as happens in Puerto Rico. If your home receives well’s water or your calcium or magnesium problem is severe, you need an EC-4. No other softener in Puerto Rico has the cleaning capacity of the EC-4 and its Warranty.
  • Rainsoft® EC-4 Water Softeners feature The BEST Extended Warranty with Rainsoft.
  • The new EC-4 Computer has a life warranty. The new and improved HEAVY DUTY Water Softener Cleaning Resin from the EC-4 Water Softener has a 10-year warranty.