Universal Solar’s team coordinates every solar energy project from start to finish. This includes the design phase, installation, commissioning and service required through a maintenance contract.

  • In general terms we offer a less polluting and economical energy alternative than the one provided by the current electric power company in Puerto Rico.
  • We have the option for a customer to own the solar photovoltaic system through a modest and appropriate financing plan.
  • An alternative to this type of financing is the possibility of obtaining an incentive provided by the Government of Puerto Rico. This economic incentive is commonly referred to as the Green Energy Fund.

Moreover, we can also offer a PPA (“Power Purchase Agreement”). Such an alternative means that we install a photovoltaic solar system on your roof and sell you the energy it produces at a lower price than you currently pay. This allows a customer to not have to invest money in order to enjoy immediate savings from the moment the system is connected and producing energy.

Under the alternative of a PPA…

  • We prepare a free quote.
  • The solar system we designed is customized to meet your expectations of energy saving and it is adjusted to the space available on your roof to install solar panels.
  • We coordinate and supervise the installation to ensure quality work.
  • Activation of the system with the objective of achieving the maximum possible savings. Any extra energy produced by the solar photovoltaic system that operates under the interconnection system with the current electricity grid in Puerto Rico can benefit from the energy credit on your bill.
  • Monitoring your system to ensure that it is always operating in optimal condition.
  • Saving… We will take care of your non-polluting energy production system under a maintenance program that will increase your money and the value of your property.

Investment in solar photovoltaic energy systems yields results!