DO NOT DRINK water with CHLORIDE or SEDIMENT that has not been treated by the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority.

Purify your own water and drink healthy water with a Rainsoft purifier without paying more…

Protect your health and your family’s, TODAY:

  • Reverse Osmosis water purifying filter, is designed to purify raw water from the kitchen for drinking, cooking or for the water dispenser of the fridge. No electricity required.
  • High efficiency water purifier, 3-stage filtration with processes for purification.

The Rainsoft water purifier works as follows:

  1. The pre-filter is the first phase of water purification of the system. It removes all the water’s sediment, biological crust or soil, large particles and others to clean it.
  2. The carbon filter removes all Trihalomethane, chlorine from water, which is a carcinogenic chemical, used by water treatment plants to disinfect, rinse water, eliminate viruses and bacteria that is sent by old, moldy pipes to our homes. Chlorine is eliminated by the carbon filter to protect our health and continue the purification process.
  3. The third phase of the system is the one that uses the principle of reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis membrane removes all the smallest dissolved solids in water, other minerals and contaminants in water such as mercury, lead, magnesium and other polluting metals that may come in the water. The osmosis membrane removes up to 99.999% of viruses and bacteria in the water leaving alkaline water, with a 7.0 in ph, which means that the water is purified and not acidic.
  4. The fourth phase, in the RAINSOFT reverse osmosis purifier is to store the purified water by the membrane, in the reserve tank, under the sink. This is made of plastic, very thick on the outside and inside, has a rubber where the water is preserved. Between, from inside the plastic tank and the outside of the rubber, an air chamber is created, which is what allows, the water to come out under pressure, to your faucet or refrigerator.