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  • Our UNIVERSAL Solar Heaters are manufactured in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico since 1965 and are SRCC certified for your safety.

A solar heater heats the water by using solar energy to provide you with hot water without electricity costs. It consists of three main components:

  • Collectors: retain heat from the sun and transmit it to water.
  • The thermotank: stores and maintains hot water.
  • Piping and valve system: connect the thermotank to the collectors and the resistance water system.
  • Safety valve:
    It is activated if the temperature exceeds 212°F, to avoid damage to the equipment.
  • 400 pounds capacity pressure reducing valve, made of bronze.
    •  It is activated if the water pressure exceeds 125 pounds of pressure.
    •  Prevents system breakage.

The natural action of thermosyphon is what makes the water circulate through the heater system without the need for energy, the operation is simple.

  • Collectors absorb solar energy.
  • Collectors transfer the absorbed heat to the water stored in copper pipes.
  • When heated, the water in the copper tubes becomes lighter as its molecules expand.
  • Being lighter than cold water, hot water rises to the thermotank, where it displaces cold water.
  • Displaced cold water recirculates through the collector, where it heats up.
  • The process is repeated indefinitely.

Universal’s solar collector heats an average of 51 gallons per day to a temperature of 122°F, according to the Government of Puerto Rico Energy Office.

The collector that retains the heat of the sun consists of:

A shell or a solid aluminum frame, with an area of approximately 18 square feet (approximately 6 feet long and 3 feet wide) and 24 square feet (approximately 6 feet long and 4 feet wide).

An inch of urethane and fiberglass isolation inside, along with an inch of urethane isolation on its sides.

  • This insulation completely prevents the loss of collected heat.

The solar plate consists of copper plate on copper pipe of 3/8 where water runs.

  • The 18-square-foot collector consists of 7 lines.
  • The 24-square-foot collector consists of 9 lines.

“Blue Tinox” special layer is on plates and tubes.

  • Absorbs solar energy.
  • Prevents refraction of the solar rays.

Collector’s cover is made of tempered glass specially made for solar heaters.

  • Magnificent power conductor
  • Shock resistant
  • Resistant to sudden temperature changes
  • Retains up to 95% of the received solar energy

It is called a thermotank because it is designed as a thermos, which is why it can store the heat collected for up to three days.


Steel construction::

  • Impact resistant.

1-1/2″ thick polyurethane isolating layer.

  • It isolates the internal temperature from the outside temperature.
  • Keeps the tank water warm, even if it’s cloudy.

Protective layer of aluminum, a composite of 25mm.

  • It protects the polyuretane layer from elements, such as the sun, rain, saltpeter and the action of birds.
  • Contributes to the durability of stored heat.
  • It doesn’t require painting every year, as with other companies’ equipment.

Fully porcelain-coated interior.

  • Prevents the interior walls from corroding by the direct action of water and heat.

Magnesium bar against electrolysis.

  • Provides greater durability to the tank.

Electrical resistance and internal thermostat.

  • Ensures hot water in case of emergency.

Capacities (two sizes): 82 and 120 gallons.